All Things Mattresses

One day my boss decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to pick one product in our store that we were the least familiar with and to write a quick little informational paragraph or two about the item. Some of my coworkers picked a single mattress, some of them picked mattress accessories such as adjustable bases or our line of sheets. When my boss made her way over to the store I was working in that day and asked me which product I felt the least comfortable with, I was stumped.

I’ve worked for this company for over two years now and I eat mattress specs for breakfast. I’m what I call a “building blocks” thinker. I need to know reason for reason, down to a molecular level, why and how something works, or else I just can’t take it for fact or truth, so when I first took this job, my life was consumed with researching not just each mattress line in our store, but what foam is, why foam is, and how foam is. This then translated to each of the natural layers in our high end beds and even into the fibers used in our sheets.

Because of this tendency, and because it is a well known fact that I love to write, my boss selected the mattress with the largest combination of ingredients and gave me a limit of four pages. She told me that she knows, that I know about the bed, but she thinks it would be beneficial for the staff to hear it too. My creative genius jumped at the opportunity to educate my peers and, much to the detriment of my poor coworkers, I built my information from the ground up. What was meant to be four pages turned into seventeen and still remains incomplete.

This research is what I will be sharing with you here and once that’s all up, I’ll continue to add more as the inspiration strikes.

Mattress Fibers and Sleep Essential Fabrics

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