About Me

    My name is Ashley Northbert. I’ve been a writer since the first time I put pencil to paper, and I’ve been an animal lover since the first day I crawled over and slammed a chubby baby fist down on our saintly and tolerant cat. These two loves, along with life’s many experiences, have shaped my existence into what it is today, unremarkable as it may yet be.

My childhood consisted of laying on my bed next to whichever pet won the honors of snuggling next to me that day, and writing in my notebooks for hours. If I wasn’t writing, then I was acting out the most elaborate, television-worthy, soap-opera dramas with my plastic animals to give me ideas and inspiration for my next story. After graduating from high school (as the president of our theater club, I might add), I decided to volunteer at a local zoo to build up some form of work experience. From there, I got my first job in a pet store which set me on a five-year career path working first in one pet store before moving on to another. Nowadays I work in sales as a mattress RSA (Retail Sales Associate) which is random at best, I know, but it pays the bills and has just the right amount of nerdiness to keep me happily engaged with my work.

I have spent the majority of my life hemming and hawing over what career path would suit me best. Should I pursue a degree in writing? No, no, that was far too unstable. Psychology would suit me best since there’s always work to be had in that department and think about how well rounded my characters would be! But could I handle the type of work that comes with psychology? If I went for the degree I’d be seeking to open a private practice. Could I separate the weight of other people’s lives from my own or would I collapse under it? Perhaps a wildlife degree then, so that I could work in a zoo and use my experiences there to fuel my creative genius! Of course, there is the fact that I’m rubbish when it comes to manual labor, and working in a zoo is all wheel barrels and feed sacks. No, best not to pursue that, let’s revisit psychology.

Around and around my thought process has gone until here I am, at two years to thirty, and still, no degree. I’ve accepted that this cycle will continue indefinitely, so in an attempt to break that cycle I have decided to re-enroll in college this fall and pursue a degree in writing. In the meantime, I have my job which (aside from its daily entertainment) offers a source of inspiration for articles and educational opportunities. The good thing about working in a mattress store is that it has a lot of free time, and I have unlimited access to the internet. This free time is meant to be spent keeping our stores immaculate and used for brushing up and submerging ourselves in mattress knowledge. The store is, crazily enough, always spotless, which leaves me all the time in the world to research and hunt down articles. Seeing all these words and websites and people with platforms and voices has been inspiring. I’ve been writing in my free time again and people around me have been pushing me to stick with it and to follow that passion.

So here we are, following my passion and my first love with a blog. My very own blog, full of carefully chosen and lovingly arranged words. Words that inspire me, words I am just getting to know, words intended to teach, and words that encourage others to spin a few words of their own. These are my very own choice words.

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