The Diving Board


My name is Ashley Northbert. I have been a writer from birth, though I have spent more than half that time convincing myself otherwise. The best parts of my 28 years of life have been spent in pursuit of a “real career,” and every trail I’d chase always lead me rushing back to my one true love over and over again. Finally, tired of looking for things to fill my life with some sense of satisfaction, and full of the encouragement of those around me whom I love, I decided to take the plunge and started this blog.

I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for this little child I’ve barely begun to construct, but I am alive with excitement to see what it may yet become. I will be using this primarily as a reason to crank out my recommended “thousand words a day,” that all writers are supposed to strive for in order to get better at doing what they do. These words will be anything from a thought I wanted to explore to a writing task I completed for my day job that I feel particularly proud of, but mostly they will be short pieces of fiction. I had a little burst of inspiration during my drive into the office today. I thought it might be nice to buy books full of writing prompts that I can flesh out into little scenes. I hope that, as I make these short stories and little scenes, that I will collect a small group of people who encourage me to revisit a setting or a scenario or a character until these little fictional lives come to full realization. I’m hoping that, through feedback and collaboration and helpful suggestions, this blog will evolve and take on a beautiful little life of its own based on my narration and your requests.

Well, that should about do it for an introductory post, mainly because this is as far ahead as I’ve planned this thing through. Some writers are mappers and planners and architects knowing exactly where they are steering their ship. I wish to every god ever worshiped that I was this sort of writer, but I am not. My characters live their lives through me, and they are the ones who tell me where they will go and what they will say. This blog is no different. It doesn’t know what it is yet any more than I do, but we will find ourselves together.

I hope you’ll be there with us when we do.

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